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We own large logistic centres. We offer you warehouse premises within our LogisticPark ZDEMAR in Chabařovice, close to the D8 highway, and another one close to Ústí nad Labem.

In our warehouses you can store, e.g. the following goods:

  • seeds, fertilisers, road salt, scrap, constructions, all palletized goods, big-bags, bagged goods, sand, gravel and barrels.
We also secure services related to storage:
  • Truck scales
    We offer you the possibility of weighing on a calibrated truck double-span scale in the LogisticPark ZDEMAR premises with a maximum load of 60,000 kg. It’s 20m long and 3m wide and available every business day from 8AM to 4:30PM.
  • Loader
    Ideal assistants for goods handling, warehousing, logistics.
    Loader accessories consist of the following:
    • pellet feeder with side-drive, allowing easier, more accurate load placement
    • loading buckets for light materials 2.5 m3 in volume
  • Conveyors

    Our worm conveyer for loose materials can load 300 tons of material in one hour meaning a significant speeding up of the loading. The advantage of the conveyer is the loading of material directly to the semi-trailer without any decrements of loose material as in the case of other machines. The conveyer can be relocated from one loading place to the other which saves additional client costs for leasing of machines related to the loading.

  • Laboratory
    We offer measurement and testing for our customers storing (or even not storing) loose agricultural commodities. Our laboratory is also in the LogisticPark ZDEMAR premises.

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