Upravit stránku

We simply love a good  barbecue! We have organized one such barbecue not only for us, but mainly for our TOP carriers in the beautiful picturesque environment of Strážovské Vrchy - Čičmany.  This stunning village is known for its ancient and unique architecture - painted log cabins.   The geometric ornamental decoration of the exterior walls of the houses is still reminiscent of gingerbread houses today. It was, therefore, an ideal place to spend pleasant moments with colleagues and transport partners in order to consolidate our mutual relationships.  After a hearty, purely Slovak lunch, we were then tended to by a group of Czech scouts who prepared for us a series of competitions for us.  In the folk spirit, we tried the pitchfork throw and the ride in a circle under the influence of alcohol.  The reward for the winning team was the Čičmany challenge cup, which ended up in Košice.  After testing our village skills, a much deserved reward awaited us - grilled delicacies that filled even the most hidden parts each of our stomachs. But that was far from everything. The last cherry of this great day was the dulcimer music, which played for us in the stylish stone wine bar of the guesthouse late into the evening.
It was really a great and well-spent day.  Let us hope that our transport partners have enjoyed it as we have and that  they will "take the right path" in the coming seasons and give precedence to our services.


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