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Petr Sokolik, Engineer, Head of Dispatchers

This is my17th year working at ZDEMAR and I entered the company as a commercial dispatcher. Over the years, I was promoted to the leading position and member of the Board of Directors of the existing joint stock companies. Our company has kept a very high standard over the years. Our vehicle fleet expanded to 50 trucks. Besides the logistic and shipping activities, our company is also focused on storage, mechanisation and fuel sales. We are always offered a number of training opportunities where we can improve our business knowledge. I work with a nice team of young people and like my job very much.

Klára Růžičková, Foreign Market Dispatcher

I’ve worked almost three years at ZDEMAR. At first, it was a part-time job, but I knew from the start that I wanted to work full time. I started as a dispatcher for the domestic market, but soon, I switched to the foreign market. In a relatively short time, I ended up as dispatching team leader, so now I lead a team of dispatchers. Work at ZDEMAR provides me the possibility to develop my abilities not only in my job position, but also from a professional point of view. I can use my language abilities and improve them all the time. The company ensures a high-quality environment for personal and professional development with a number of benefits, including professional trainings. I like my job and thanks to my team of colleagues I enjoy going to work every day. 

Marcela Kozlíková, Head of Fuel Sales

I’ve worked at ZDEMAR for three years with one year as the Head of Fuel Sales. My work is based on daily communication with customers. In my department, team cooperation is something I appreciate the most. I know I can rely on my colleagues and in case I am not there, they can back me up. Our department is a great example of how everything can be solved easily and with a smile on your face. Our company offers a number of benefits. I like the fuel card the most. I am an example of how ZDEMAR allows for both professional and personal development.

Renata Wolf, Dispatcher/Customer Department – Polish Market

I was a little worried when I started working for ZDEMAR. Six months ago, I came completely alone to another city that I had visited only once before. For the first time I visited Chabařovice because of the interview. The fact that I speak Czech made everything much easier, however. I know that even if I did not speak the language, I would have everything secured just as well. The company took care of my accommodation, doctor, etc., and all the employees were very helpful. I appreciate the huge help I got related to the apartment equipment. All I needed was provided for me. I got great assistance when looking for a rented apartment after my probation period. Besides this, I feel great in here thanks to the possibility of working with Polish colleagues. At ZDEMAR, I met people I can rely on in both my professional life as well as in my private life. Fortunately, I did not encounter any bigger troubles, however I know that if anything like that would happen, that they wouldn’t leave me to fight it alone. On one hand, it’s only a job, on the other hand, it’s the place where I spend 1/3 of my life. I like my job and my colleagues so much that I decided to stay in the Czech Republic, in spite of the fact that I could also work at our Polish branch, in my homeland.

Martin Jirkovský, Driver

I’ve worked as a driver at ZDEMAR since 2002. Since then, I have driven more than 2.5 million kilometres.  Thanks to this job, I have the opportunity to see different places in the world. I have an ideal relationship with my dispatcher and whenever I need him, he provides me assistance. Conversely, in the event of any transportation problems, he can rely on me. I drive the latest Volvo semi-trailer truck that is reliable and never gives me any trouble. During the time I’ve worked here, I’ve received a new vehicle every three or four years. I’ve already recommended ZDEMAR to several people, friends and family, and those that work here and are very satisfied. 

Andrea Blechová, Assistant of the Dispatcher for the Canvas Department

I’ve worked about half a year at ZDEMAR. I was very surprised when I visited ZDEMAR for the first time. I’d never met such a pro-employee approach as I experienced at ZDEMAR. Really, there are a number of people putting efforts to secure a good working environment for us. It’s really nice to have the feeling that you are important to the company. Probably each newbie is somewhat worried – if he fits, if it’s going to be as he expected it to be, what are the new colleagues going to be like? I believe we all know this. I was really that kind of worrywart, especially when I realized that I would be working in a large open-space office. I was gathering courage to ask for change, however I did not have to as the company considered everything and they made a new office for the newly created department. We also got a new equipment and priceless peace for work. And the adaptation to the team? I never realized the role of a newbie. I believe that the ZDEMAR birthday party helped me a lot, where we had some space to talk and have fun without any work issues. There are a number of similar events here. Sometimes we have breakfast together or go bowling, so there is plenty of this and I really like these ZDEMAR activities. I believe that if a person goes to work with a smile on his face, he likes to go there much more. I like it here, from the ice lollies to the birthday party. The company is nice, colourful, organized and has a family atmosphere. It’s not the top factor we consider when going for an interview to any company. But let’s be honest, the company culture is important.

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